Hot Smoked Salmon Steaks 200g


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Add a little luxury to your lunches and suppers with our stunning hot smoked salmon steaks. Marinated, smoked and roasted over an open fire, this smoked salmon is deliciously made with love and care to deliver a lovely smokey flavour.




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Our hot smoked salmon is cooked and smoked so you can eat it cold. However, for the best flavour, we would advise warming the hot smoked salmon in a medium oven for approximately 10 minutes. This releases all those sumptuous juices and flavours.

Having been farmed in Scotland and hot smoked over an open log fire, this fish is as delicious as it is nutritious.

This delicious hot smoked salmon is perfect in a salad at lunchtime, in an asian stir-fry or in a pasta dish at dinner. It is full of omega-3 and has several health benefits  – oily fish like smoked salmon is known to promote a healthy heart.

It is also beneficial in helping to prevent asthma, high blood pressure, macular degeneration and rheumatoid arthritis. It may also support brain function. We’ve long been told that fish is ‘brain food’, and there’s convincing evidence to support this. It may also be anti-inflammatory. Oily fish plays an important role in dampening the effects of inflammation. Moreover, it may support healthy ageing. Salmon is a good source of protein, which is important for maintaining bone health, preventing muscle loss and helping the body heal and repair. Its rich astaxanthin content may help maintain skin elasticity, reduce the signs of aging and protect the skin against UV damage.


Smoking process

The salmon is marinated in a brine, containing soy sauce, vinegar and garlic. Once marinated, the salmon is hot smoked in a traditional smoker.

It’s then roasted over an open fire, which fills the salmon with the most outstanding succulence and flavour.

Once cooked over the fire, the flames are gently killed back with very fine oak dust. This stops the cooking process and adds that sumptuous smoked flavour to the salmon.


Shelf life: 19 days from date of delivery

Sustainably farmed in Scotland

Delicious cold or warmed through

Product photography is representative only.  Sizes and thicknesses may vary.  Weights and portions will be as stated.

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Salmon, salt, Sugar, Soya sauce, Vinegar Sherry


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