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DETAILS Savour the exquisite taste of The Black Farmer’s Mango Chutney (227g). Brimming with the lush sweetness of ripe mangoes, this chutney presents a delightful fusion of exotic flavours and spices. Meticulously crafted to complement The Black Farmer’s premium-quality products, our Mango Chutney introduces a delectably tangy element to your meals. Enhance your dining experience with this versatile condiment – whether paired with meats, cheeses, or as a zesty topping, it serves as the perfect accompaniment for those who relish bold and authentic tastes. Unleash the essence of tradition with every jar of The Black Farmer’s Mango Chutney.
STORAGE ADVICE Store mango chutney in a sealed glass jar in the refrigerator to maintain freshness and flavor for an extended period.
PACKAGING  This pack contains 1 pieces/items

Your item will arrive in a 100% recycled box lovingly packed with FSC-certified shredded spruce from Britain and Sweden, natural sheep’s wool insulation and non-toxic chilled gel packs, all of which can be reused, composted or recycled. To recycle the gel packs, simply cut a corner and dispose of the contents through your normal domestic waste system, as the gel isn’t harmful to the environment. Better still, reuse them by storing in the freezer and chilling other products. The only component from our packaging that can’t be recycled are the foil liners which need to be go in household waste; the poly bags meat comes in needs to go in plastic recycling.


Mango chutney is a versatile and delicious condiment that can enhance the flavor of various dishes. Here are some serving suggestions for mango chutney:

  1. Curries:
    • Serve mango chutney alongside your favorite curry dishes. It pairs particularly well with chicken, lamb, or vegetable curries.
  2. Grilled Meats:
    • Use mango chutney as a glaze or dipping sauce for grilled meats such as chicken, pork, or shrimp.
  3. Cheese and Charcuterie Boards:
    • Include mango chutney on a cheese or charcuterie board. It complements the flavors of different cheeses and cured meats.
  4. Sandwiches and Wraps:
    • Spread mango chutney on sandwiches or wraps for a sweet and tangy kick. It works well with both meat and vegetarian options.
  5. Baked Brie:
    • Top a wheel of Brie with mango chutney and bake until the cheese is gooey. Serve with crackers or bread for a delightful appetizer.
  6. Tacos and Quesadillas:
    • Use mango chutney as a topping for tacos or as a condiment in quesadillas. It adds a burst of flavor to Mexican-inspired dishes.
  7. Dipping Sauce:
    • Serve mango chutney as a dipping sauce for samosas, pakoras, or other Indian appetizers.
  8. Salads:
    • Mix mango chutney into salad dressings or drizzle it over salads for a sweet and savory element.
  9. Grilled Vegetables:
    • Brush mango chutney onto grilled vegetables for a tasty glaze. It works well with items like grilled eggplant, zucchini, or bell peppers.
  10. Rice and Grain Bowls:
    • Add a spoonful of mango chutney to rice or grain bowls to enhance the flavor profile. It complements both savory and spicy components.
  11. Poultry Marinade:
    • Use mango chutney as a marinade or glaze for roasted or grilled chicken. It adds a sweet and fruity flavor to the dish.
  12. Stir-Fries:
    • Stir mango chutney into stir-fried dishes for a burst of sweetness and tanginess.

Remember, mango chutney can be a versatile addition to many dishes, so feel free to get creative and explore different combinations based on your taste preferences.

INGREDIENTS Mango (52%), Sugar, Distilled Malt Vinegar (form BARLEY), Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Lemon, Gelling Agent  – Pectin, Scotch Bonnet Chili, Spices, Curry Powder (MUSTARD)


Nutritional Information typical value per 100g,

as sold
Energy 719.5 kJ
166.9 kCal
Fat 0.0 g
of which saturates 0.0 g
Carbohydrate 41.8 g
of which sugars 40.3 g
Fibre 0.0 g
Protein 0.4 g
Salt 0.0 g

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