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In honour of my 66th birthday, I invite you all to join in the celebrations! With every order, receive a free sausage gift as a token of my appreciation. Life is truly precious, and as I approach this milestone, I’m reminded of the beauty of each passing moment. Let’s make the most of it and celebrate together!’

Hello Everyone, 

As I approach the day, I’m reminded of how short and invaluable life truly is. Each day, each moment, presents an opportunity to make a mark, to live with passion, and to cherish the journey. In honour of my special day, I wanted to share the celebrations with all of you. 

Throughout my life, I’ve faced my share of challenges, but each one has only strengthened my resolve to live life to the fullest. From my collaborative escapades with the BBC to my global food documentary adventures, every experience has taught me the importance of seizing the day. 

Young Wilfred Emmanuel Jones
Trio of Wilfred recovery

Milestones and Triumphs: A journey through my achievements

Wilfred and his daughter

The foundation of all my accomplishments is the unwavering support of my children and family. Their belief in me, even during times of doubt, has been my beacon, guiding me through the most challenging terrains. 

Now, with the upcoming launch of the Brixton Farm shop, I’m embarking on yet another thrilling chapter. The tapestry of my life continues to evolve, and with each stroke, I’m reminded of the beauty that surrounds us. Every milestone, big or small, is a testament to the journey I’ve embarked on and the legacy I wish to leave behind. 

Wilfred and the team at the new farmshop development

My legacy and lesson for you… 

To the younger generation: always remember that life’s trials are merely stepping stones. Embrace every challenge, cherish every moment, and let your unique spark light up the world. 

As I celebrate my 66th year, I’m filled with gratitude and excitement for what’s to come. Life is precious, and I intend to make the most of it, embracing every new dawn with open arms. Here’s to more adventures, more memories, and the infinite beauty of life! 

Wilfred relaxing in a blue shirt
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