Stuck for ideas? Then have a look at some of these sausage recipe ideas, quick 30 second bite ideas, a few of my favourite recipes and food heroes. If you’ve got a recipe you’d like to share, then please send it to me at [email protected] and I will be delighted to add it to my collection.







I am Asparagus

I am the truly British treat that awaits the middle of April and continues into June.  I am fleshy green tips shooting up through the deep earth at the end of elegant straight stems.   I am the ultimate luxury dipped in butter, hollandaise or a rich soft cooked egg yolk.  I am a summer soup, a supper tart or the star of a starter. This is my food.  This is my soul.


I am Beetroot

I am the deep red earthy taste of the soil.  I am hearty roasted whole with tasty roast beef and horseradish or shredded raw for a crunchy bite and vibrant colour in a lunchtime salad.  I am the ultimate blitz of goodness in a morning smoothie.  I am the red veined leaves that make a dish of their own.  This my food.  This is my soul.


I am Cauliflower

I am the perfect companion to a Sunday roast. Tender white florets swathed in an unctuous, creamy snooze-inducing blanket of rich sauce. I am the grand-daddy of the family Brassicaceae, loved in Britain since the 17th century. I am mature, sometimes mellow, sometimes added to, sometimes simple. I am mustard, nutmeg and parsley. I am family eating, enjoying lively conversation and an open fire. This is my food. This is my soul.


I am Onion

I am the ingredient that might make you cry as you cut, but will bring a smile to your face as my aroma and flavor shine through. I am sweet, red, white, yellow, spring or shallot. I am chopped, sliced, diced, minced and never happier than when in a deep embrace from my best friend the tomato. I am my favourite bolognese, roast or pickled with a hunk of cheese. This is my food. This is my soul.


I am Potato

I am the master of versatility.  I am chips, mash, roast or boiled.  I am a deep brown skin encrusted in rich soil with creamy flesh hidden beneath ready to be revealed for a feast.  I am scrubbed, peeled or scraped.  I am the heart of a meal, or the essential side.  I am duchesse, dauphinoise, and gratin.  This my food.  This is my soul.


I am Rosemary

I am a taste of the Mediterranean, the essential ingredient for deeply delicious sauces, snacks and dishes. I am the scent and flavor of warm sunny slopes with a view of the sea brought into the kitchen. I am the heart of a simple lunch of toasted ciabatta scattered with olive oil, sea salt and my tender fronds, or a roasted lamb stuck with a garlic and my fragrant stalks. This is my food. This is my soul.