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Smoked cured hock, also known as pig’s knuckle, comes from the lower back leg of the pig, above the trotter.  They are often eaten whole in Eastern Europe, though we normally prefer to use them as a base for soups, sauces and stews.


It is important to cook smoked cured hock very slowly. Gently simmer in a large, metal stock pot. Flavour the water with whole peppercorns, a couple of bay leaves and a large bouquet garni. As you cook the hock, the collagen will melt and the fat will flavour the liquid, imparting silky texture and rich, smoky flavour. This stock will create fabulous soup, into which you can separate generous pieces of the smoked hock. Add fresh peas to the soup and serve with crusty wholemeal bread and farmhouse cheddar.


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Our smoked cured hock comes from the best, local suppliers. We have always been very selective. We source local meat from farms in Wiltshire and Somerset, and make sure that we get the very best and most sustainable breeds for the season. At every stage, we promote traditional, sustainable farming practices that make for happy pigs and delighted customers.  Free range practices make for happier, healthier pigs and result in a far more delicious product. Add this smoked cured hock to your basket and we’re sure you will agree.


The best meat deserves the best preparation. That’s why we work with master butchers who have cured and smoked this smoked cured hock to the very highest standard.  We go to this effort to maintain the quality you have come to expect from The Black Farmer.


The Black Farmer smoked cured hock is suitable for home freezing. If you choose to freeze your meat, make sure you defrost it thoroughly before cooking. The easiest way is to refrigerate overnight.


Cooking instructions:

Place it in a pan with oil on medium heat and brown the ham hock on each side. Place it in a roasting pan, and add in liquid, such as beef or chicken broth, for flavor and moisture. Bake the ham hock in the oven for one hour and 40 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


This product has a shelf life of 5 days from the date of delivery. This pack contains 1 piece. 

Product photography is representative only.  As these products are freshly butchered for your order, sizes and thicknesses may vary.  Weights and portions will be as stated.