Yellow Plantain 1KG


A simple yet splendid addition to a meal, fried plantains are often served alongside meat or eaten as a snack. The riper the plantain, the better!


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The term “plantain” refers to a type of banana with a very different flavour profile and culinary application than the sweet, yellow banana  which most people associate with bananas. Plantains are usually bigger and tougher than bananas, with much thicker skin. They may be green, yellow or very dark brown. Cooking methods include frying, baking, and boiling.


Plantains also have a wide range of health benefits. They are a good source of fibre which helps regulate a person’s bowel movements. They are rich in antioxidants, which help prevent stress and damage in the body. Moreover, Plantains are an excellent source of vitamin C, and including them in a varied diet can help support the immune system. However, heat and light can destroy vitamin C. So, when cooking plantains, use as little non-boiling water as possible and only cook them for a short period of time. They contain potassium, which may lower blood pressure. Similarly, their vitamin B6 presence may reduce cardiovascular risk and improve mood.


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