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Butter beans in Salted Water 400g

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Butter beans (large lima beans) are super versatile.  They are big, flattish beans that range from pale yellow to white. With a deliciously velvety texture and rich, savoury, almost buttery flavour they are great baked or braised, and in chowders and succotash.

Butter beans are a delightful savoury treat which is favoured by vegans and vegetarians. With quite a meaty texture, they are a great substitute for meat.


Here are some of our favourite recipes featuring butter beans:

  • Butter bean and tomato salad
  • Butter bean and squash crumble
  • Leek and butter bean soup with crispy kale and bacon
  • Butter bean and chorizo stew
  • Herby sausages with butter bean mash
  • Spanish meatball and butter bean stew


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