Moringa – Cape Honeybush


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Discover the harmonious blend of Moringa and Cape Honeybush tea at The Black Farmer. Packed with antioxidants and bursting with flavour, this distinctive tea offers a refreshing and healthful beverage choice.

  • Refreshing with woody and honey undertones
  • Both Moringa and Honeybush contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Both have been proven to help balance blood sugar levels which makes it a useful herbal tea for diabetics
  • Honeybush, known to be a calming herb
  • A cup before bed can help you sleep.

In this authentic African blend we have paired Moringa with Honeybush, Fennel & Lemon Myrtle to give you a refreshing naturally sweet & flavourful herbal tea with a tasteful lemony note. Honeybush with it’s woody and honey undertones is a close cousin of Rooibos and there are many similarities between the two. Honeybush is grown primarily in the Western Cape and Southeastern Cape of South Africa.


Pour hot water into a pot or cup. Immerse bag in water and repeatedly dunk, this helps with the release of antioxidants. Steep for 3-5 minutes. This easy to drink tea can be taken with honey or lemon as per taste. Also delicious as iced tea. Enjoy the benefits!



Dried Moringa leaf, Honeybush, Fennel, Lemon Myrtle