Ground Beef Patty x2


I’m calling these our Sunshine Jamaican patties – because they take me straight back to the sun and heat of the Caribbean.  This beef patty is no retiring violet – definitely in-your-face-spicy beef packed into a traditional turmeric yellow pastry.

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Owing to its spicy flavour, this delicious pastry-encased patty will blow your socks off, both literally and metaphorically. Packing a real punch, it is a Jamaican classic and is made lovingly using our special ground beef recipe. Bringing me right back to my roots, this ground beef patty really is a nostalgic and tasty choice. The best of Jamaican ground beef patties on the market, it is perfect for a snack, lunch or delectable dinner – you will not be disappointed!


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WHEAT Flour, Butter (MILK), Beef Skirt, Jerk seasoning, peppers and spring onions