Meet Aleandro Brown

The Black Farmer Chef

Meet Aleandro Brown, The Black Farmer Chef. Young and creative, Aleandro’s ambition is to be the first Jamaican chef with a Michelin Star. He’s made a great start on that road, showcasing his trademark style of innovating and adding his own fusion twist to the classics.

I met Aleandro recently and was so blown away by his cooking that I wanted to get him on board with The Black Farmer to share some of his exciting Caribbean fusion recipes with you.

Just 26 years old, Aleandro has had a rapid rise to the top of his profession.

Born and raised in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, he learned his skill while living with his grandmother. As young as 7 years old, he would climb on to a stool to taste her dishes and comment on the spicing and seasoning. An early training for his young palate!

But cooking isn’t his only passion. He was a professional dancer – break dancing and street dancing his speciality. Many an hour was spent in his bedroom practising those famous Michael Jackson moves. Deciding that dancing wouldn’t pay the bills, cooking took priority. But if you’re at a party with Aleandro, watch out for his show stopping moves!

After moving to the UK at 16 and doing his training at College he not only won Apprentice of the Year, but quickly got snapped up by Gordon Ramsay at the Savoy. In his own words, this “was an intense experience” and one where he had to re-learn everything he had learned before – flavour and presentation were on a different level. Star struck when meeting the man himself, he asked what advice Gordon would give him to progress – and was advised to stay focussed and push on. Advice that he fully took on board.

Aleandro spent several years within the Gordon Ramsay group working at the Savoy, Maze, Royal Hospital Road and London House restaurants.

He then moved to The Ritz and was part of the team when it was awarded its first Michelin Star and then on to the super trendy Sketch at Oxford Circus.

Despite being furloughed during Covid, Aleandro took on a new challenge. With his savings, he invested in a food van, launched his FoodFusion95 brand and got cooking. He sent menus to all his clients and set about cooking his famous fusion Caribbean dishes which flew out of the door.

You can look out for Aleandro and his team at festivals, events, pop-ups and now here at The Black Farmer!

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