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The black farmer

Remembrance Day

As a courageous war veteran, Dougie finds comfort, solace and peace of mind in painting following the emotional trauma experienced at war in Afghanistan and a diagnosis of PTSD.

Every year in November we remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. This is a time to reflect, appreciate and honour the men and women who went on this journey never to return. Our liberty is the gift they have left us. Remembrance Day is when our leaders bow their heads to the fallen for one minute before we go about enjoying the spoils of their sacrifice.

This should be a reminder to us all to put our hands in our pockets and give generously to support those who have given so much for us, not just in November but all the year round.

Dougie is one of thousands of ex-service personnel trying to find a way back from the dark side. Now, thankfully, this trauma is recognised and has a name – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

For Dougie, his condition is managed with medication and weekly therapy. His one comfort is painting and it seemed only fitting that I ask him to paint the picture, as well as a series of other paintings available as greetings cards from my Farmshop.

Find Dougie's work here
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