Wilfred’s Gourmet Flavour Pack


Country Mustard (190ml)

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Spiced Apple Sauce (190ml)

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Mint Sauce (110ml)

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Hot Chilli Sauce 280ml

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Explore the richness of flavours with ‘Wilfred’s Gourmet Flavour Pack’. This selection, personally curated by The Black Farmer, comprises a vibrant Lime and Ginger Sauce , a Spicy Muscovado Marinade, a robust Country Mustard, a sweet Spiced Apple Sauce, and a refreshing Mint Sauce.

Each bottle in this collection promises a unique culinary journey, handpicked by Wilfred for their exceptional flair. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift or a personal indulgence, this pack delivers a gourmet experience that’s truly exceptional. Elevate your dining adventures with these passionately crafted sauces in ‘Wilfred’s Gourmet Flavour Pack’.

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