Unsmoked Cured Cheek Guanciale (1x Cheek)


Guanciale is a delicious Italian cured meat product prepared from pork jowl or cheeks. Its name is derived from guancia, the Italian word for ‘cheek‘.

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Guanciale is cured unsmoked Italian pig jowls or cheeks. The word Guanciale comes from the Italian word guancia, meaning “cheek”. A specialty from the Umbria and Lazio regions of Central Italy, Guanciale is a traditional ingredient in such dishes as pasta all’amatriciana and spaghetti alla carbonara.
Cooking Instructions

Baked: You can cut guanciale into thin strips and bake it in the oven until it is crispy, like bacon. Simply oil a sheet with oil, and bake in your oven at 395 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen minutes.

Sauteéd: Italian dishes may pair sautéed guanciale with hearty fava beans or bitter greens like broccoli rabe.
This pack contains 1 piece. 

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