The Everything’ Diy Terrarium Kit (Large)


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Build your own terrarium from scratch using a variety of components and learn about the properties that help your open terrarium thrive.

The Air & Moss ‘The Everything’ Terrarium Kit includes everything you’ll need to create a full terrarium, with glass, plants and tools included. Prefer to choose which components you need? Check out the Urban Terrarium Kit instead to build your own bespoke terrarium package.

‘The Everything’ Terrarium Kit includes: Coco and perlite soil mix (watch it magically rehydrate and expand!) Leca balls Sphagnum moss Activated charcoal Decorative stones Decorative sand Beach pebble Driftwood Decorative moss 5 terrarium tools

Glass globe (small = 10cm, medium = 15cm, large = 20cm) Succulent & cacti (small = 1 succulent, medium = 2 plants, large = 3 plants)

If you would like advice on which size of kit is suitable for your needs, please reach out to us; we’re always happy to lend a hand.