The Black Farmer Pork Leek & Chilli Burger (4 x 114g)


This pork leek and chilli burger is a new classic. A good burger is one of life’s great pleasures. We have never been interested in run-of-the-mill products, so we set to work creating the ultimate patty for our discerning customers. These quality pork leek and chilli burgers are perfect for any occasion.

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The journey to patty perfection begins by sourcing the best-quality local pork. We then select the best cuts, so the fat content is just right. This means our burgers are full of flavour and juicy, and are simply worlds apart from the flat and uninspiring burgers you might have become used to. Once we have perfected the meat, we turn our attention to the seasoning. Our The Black Farmer burgers add leek and a good kick of chilli to give all the savoury, herby flavours you want, with just the right amount of salt and pepper. We have worked very hard to make the perfect pork burger, so all you have to do is grill it to perfection. And no, we won’t be sharing the recipe, sorry.


We work with trusted, local farms across Wiltshire, Somerset and the South West, making sure we have the best breeds for the season. They use traditional farming methods and encourage a sustainable and ethical approach to meat eating. The practices our suppliers use reduce animal stress and lower food miles.


The Black Farmer burgers are vacuum-packed to extend their freshness naturally, yet you can also freeze them. Just make sure you defrost them slowly and thoroughly before cooking.

This pack contains approximately 4 pieces.

Product photography is representative only.  Weights and portions will be as stated.

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90% Free Range Pork, Dried Leek, Salt, Spices & Spice Extract, Dextrose, Garlic & Garlic Extract, Dehydrated Bell Pepper, Phosphate E450, E451, Dehydrated Onion, Preservative E221 (Sodium Sulphite), Colour E120