Dead-Sea Bath Salts with Tea Tree and Geranium Oil 300g


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Dead Sea salt in a bath is renowned for relieving stress, easing achy muscles, and for treating irritated skin.  The addition of Tea Tree and Geranium essential oils not only adds a touch of luxury and beautiful scent, but increases the effectiveness of the salt.


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Benefits of the ingredients;

Tea tree oil – It´s antibacterial properties make it a number one remedy for skin problems such as itchy skin and eczema, inflammation, psoriasis and acne. Tea tree helps to calm irritation and heal skin.

Geranium oil –
Geranium oil has a floral scent and provides a few amazing qualities one of them being anti anxiety and calming properties. Its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties are so powerful that geranium oil is often used by women in labour.

Dead sea salt – of the highest quality often for therapeutic use such as;
-easing sore muscles (used by athletes)
-providing relief from irritative skin conditions