Sloe & Garlic Wild Venison Salami 110g


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This is a truly unique salami.  A combination of wild British venison, sloe berries, fresh garlic and a good measure of red wine.  It is smoked over oak chips for three days. The perfect addition to a cheese and charcuterie sharing board.

Gluten free

Store in a cool dry place, once opened, refrigerate and use within 5 days

Experience the unique fusion of flavors with our Sloe and Garlic Wild Venison Salami at The Black Farmer. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this salami combines the wild essence of venison with the tangy sweetness of sloe berries and the robust aroma of garlic. Sourced from responsibly harvested wild venison, this artisanal salami delivers a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that will tantalize your senses. With its rich, earthy undertones and a hint of sweetness, each slice offers a savory adventure. Whether enjoyed on charcuterie boards, in sandwiches, or as a stand-alone indulgence, our Sloe and Garlic Wild Venison Salami is a true testament to our commitment to quality and taste.
To maintain the optimal flavor and quality of our Sloe and Garlic Wild Venison Salami, it is recommended to store it in a cool, dry place. Ideally, keep the salami in a pantry or cellar with a consistent temperature between 55°F to 60°F (13°C to 15°C) and a relative humidity of around 70%. Ensure the salami is properly wrapped in butcher paper or wax paper to allow for proper airflow while protecting it from any external contaminants. Stored correctly, our Sloe and Garlic Wild Venison Salami can be enjoyed for several weeks. For longer-term storage, you can refrigerate the salami in the vegetable drawer or a dedicated cured meat drawer. However, note that refrigeration can alter the texture and taste slightly. Remember to bring the salami to room temperature before serving to fully appreciate its flavors.
This pack contains 150g.
Your item will arrive in a 100% recycled box lovingly packed with FSC-certified shredded spruce from Britain and Sweden, natural sheep’s wool insulation and non-toxic chilled gel packs, all of which can be reused, composted or recycled. To recycle the gel packs, simply cut a corner and dispose of the contents through your normal domestic waste system, as the gel isn’t harmful to the environment. Better still, reuse them by storing in the freezer and chilling other products. The only component from our packaging that can’t be recycled are the foil liners which need to be go in household waste; the poly bags meat comes in needs to go in plastic recycling.


To enjoy your Sloe and Garlic Wild Venison Salami, here’s a cooking instruction:

1. Preparation: Take the salami out of the packaging and let it come to room temperature for about 15-20 minutes.
2. Slicing: Use a sharp knife to slice the salami into thin, even slices. You can adjust the thickness according to your preference.
3. Serving: Arrange the sliced salami on a serving platter or a plate. You can serve it as is, or pair it with accompaniments like cheese, crackers, bread, or pickles.
4. Enjoy: Once sliced and plated, the Sloe and Garlic Wild Venison Salami is ready to be enjoyed! It can be eaten as a standalone snack, added to sandwiches, or used as a topping for pizzas or salads.

Note: This salami is already cured and ready to eat, so there’s no need for further cooking or preparation. Simply savor the flavors of the salami as it is.


Venison (71%), Pork Fat (18%), Salt (2%), Sloe Syrup (1.4%), Garlic, Herbs, Spices. Preservatives: Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Ascorbate

Nutiritional information typical values per 100g,

as sold
Energy 310 kCal
Fat 19 g
of which saturates 7.1 g
Carbohydrate 4.4 g
of which sugars 4 g
Fibre 0 g
Protein 30 g
Salt 4.1 g

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