Sausage Meat (GF) 400g


Our gluten free sausage meat is exactly the same as you’ll find in our famous gluten free Premium Pork Sausages, which we launched in 2005. Our premium pork sausages took the market by storm and they continue to do so today. This sausage meat is made with 90% pork and our signature recipe seasoning, exactly as it should be.

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The best sausage meat comes from great sausages. By offering you our award-winning recipe pork in this way, we save you the hassle of splitting them open. Use this to make sensational stuffing, beautiful burgers and marvellous meatballs. Sausage meat is also great for child-friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy. All manner of dishes can be made and enhanced with it.


Our sausage meat is suitable for freezing. Just be sure to defrost slowly and carefully before cooking.