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Rump steak comes from the back side of the cow. It is a well-worked part of the animal, which makes it less tender than fillet and sirloin. People choose rump, however, for its exceptional flavour. It is full of beefy, mineral, savoury notes and has a satisfying texture. Rump steak is very good value, and offers the discerning diner a fantastic bit of steak for the money.

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Rump steak is easy to serve. You can grill it, fry it, and serve it plain or with sauces. We love it grilled, rested and served with homemade chunky chips and grilled vine tomatoes. Delicious served with our cracked pepper and mustard sauce and boiled Jersey royal potatoes and purple-sprouting broccoli. Treat this quality ingredient with respect and cook it with care. You and your guests will be rewarded with a truly memorable dish.


We source local meat from farms in Wiltshire, Somerset and the South West. The Black Farmer makes sure that we get the absolute best and most sustainable breeds for the season. Our free range cows feed on grass and lead happy lives in the great British countryside. By working with local produce and farmers, we promote and encourage a sustainable and ethical approach to meat eating. This reduces animal stress and lowers food miles as much as possible.


Even the best meat still requires expert preparation, so we work with master butchers who ensure our rump steak is carefully aged in ideal conditions. This is central to maintaining the quality you expect.


We vacuum pack our meat, so you can freeze it easily. Allow to defrost in the fridge overnight. Remember to take rump steak out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before cooking. The meat will cook more evenly if it’s at room temperature. It is best to add seasoning after cooking, while the steak is resting.



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