Rosemary and Orange Aromatherapy Candle


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This natural wax candle is created using a special blend of soy and coconut waxes, scented with 100% pure aromatherapy essential oils.  Hand poured it will fill your room with a subtle natural scent of Rosemary & Orange.

This candle comes packaged in a gift box.



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This Rosemary and Orange candle provides a beautiful fragrance in any setting. It will send you to another dimension of relaxation and is sure to put you in a zen zone.

Additional info

Why vegetable waxes?

  • Vegetable wax candles generally burn longer than paraffin candles and throw the scent further.
  • Paraffin is a refined gasoline by-product containing several carcinogen (cancer-causing) compounds, considered toxic by various environmental agencies. When burnt, its soot particles so small, they can potentially penetrate deep into the lung.
  • Vegetable wax, unlike paraffin wax, is 100% biodegradable.
  • Vegetable wax can be easily cleaned with soap and water while paraffin wax spills are very difficult to remove.
  • Paraffin wax candles leave black residues on containers and walls, giving an indication of their harmful contents.

All our natural wax candles are vegan-friendly and free from palm oil and plastic.


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