Pork Skin (400g)


Pork skin makes amazing pork crackling or scratchings. The meat from these pigs is distinctive in its rich flavour, which comes from the period of time where the pork is hung on the bone.

*May have a thin layer of fat along skin depending on the cut.

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High in protein, these pork skins make a nutritious choice for those eating a protein-rich diet.The saturated fat and adequate protein will keep you full longer since both fat and protein take longer to digest than carbs do. Pork rinds have also been touted as a good source of collagen, since the skin is essentially “concentrated collagen”.


Our free range pigs feed on grass and lead happy lives in the great British countryside. We work with trusted, local farms to make sure we have the best breeds for the season. At every stage, we support traditional farming methods and encourage a sustainable and ethical approach to meat eating. The practices our suppliers use reduce animal stress and lower food miles.


Even the best meat still requires expert preparation, so we work with master butchers who ensure our pork skin is of exceptional quality, as you have come to expect from The Black Farmer.


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