Gluten Free, Plant Based Brownies x 2 slices


These plant based, gluten free chocolate brownies are a true tea-time indulgence. They’re chewy, chocolatey and absolutely delicious: everything you’d want from a brownie.

Everyone loves chocolate brownies, but not everyone is able to eat them. That doesn’t seem fair to us at all. The Black Farmer has long been keen on the idea of having a product for everyone. While it wasn’t always possible to have diet-specific products, we always knew that one day we’d have lots of plant based and gluten free options. That time has come.


What’s truly magical is that these luxurious treats are also totally vegan and gluten free! We have spent an awful lot of time perfecting our recipes so that we can offer vegan, gluten free options that are every bit as delicious as their buttery bedfellows. So, we have shown gluten intolerance and come up with a plant-based collection that everybody can, and will, enjoy.


The Black Farmer gluten free chocolate brownies are delicious warmed and at room temperature. Serve with dairy free ice cream and chocolate sauce. If you fancy making your own vegan ice cream, try crumbling these in to add chewy, crumbly texture. We make our gluten free chocolate brownies with finest-quality gluten free flour from Doves Farm in Wiltshire. Like The Black Farmer, they have played a major role in making superb produce accessible to people whose diets can’t include wheat. As independent, British companies with a passion for excellent UK produce, we share many of the same values.


Our gluten free chocolate brownies are part of our expanding plant-based range, which The Black Farmer is as proud of as all of our products.

Freezable ❄    freeze on day of delivery and store in freezer until required. Defrost thoroughly before use.


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Sugar Brown, Sugar White, Cocoa Powder, Doves Gluten Free Flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat, sodium bicarbonate, xanthan gum), Water, Dairy Free Margarine, Flax Seed, Cherries, Pistachio, Salt, Vanilla Extract