Ox Tongue x1


Ox tongue is a muscle and is therefore very lean. Its flavour and texture is more similar to meat, as it doesn’t have the distinctive, iron-like flavour of other offal such as kidney and liver. The nutritional value of ox tongue is immense. It is rich in calories and fatty acids, and contains large amounts of zinc, iron, choline, and vitamin B12.

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This meat is rightly considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. It is a good idea to introduce different cuts into your repertoire, as making the most of each animal is more sustainable for the environment. Ox tongue is delicious grilled or roasted, and fabulous in slow-cooked casseroles and stews. We also love to braise it slowly in flavoursome stock for gorgeous, rich flavour. With careful slow cooking, you will get a soft, yielding piece of meat that is bursting with savoury flavours.


The best meat deserves expert preparation, so we work with master butchers who ensure our ox tongue is immaculate. All our cuts are skilfully prepared by hand in time-honoured, traditional fashion. We never compromise on our standards, which is central to maintaining the quality you have come to expect.


We source local meat from farms in Wiltshire, Somerset and the South West. The Black Farmer makes sure that we get the absolute best and most sustainable breeds for the season. Our free range cows feed on grass and lead happy lives in the great British countryside. By working with local produce and farmers, we promote and encourage a sustainable and ethical approach to meat eating. This reduces animal stress and lowers food miles as much as possible.


We vacuum pack our ox tongue to keep the meat fresh for longer. This also means it is suitable for home freezing. Always defrost meat slowly.

This pack contains 1 piece. 

Boiled Tongue Recipe

Place the tongue in a soup pot with the salt, and add enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, and cook until the outer skin begins to peel off, about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Peel off the thick outer skin, and serve.


This product has a shelf life of 12 days from the date of delivery.

Product photography is representative only.  As these products are freshly butchered for your order, sizes and thicknesses may vary.  Weights and portions will be as stated.