Oak Smoked Chilli Crisps 150g


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Oak Smoked Chilli Crisps by Brown Bag Crisps. These Oak Smoked Chilli Crisps have been hand-cooked in sunflower oil and seasoned with chillies that have been slowly oak-smoked for a tangy, smoky flavour. Perfect to enjoy with a sandwich and beer. A truly British product, brought to us by a family-run business in Surrey and never found in supermarkets.


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These oak smoked chilli crisps are as tasty as they are crispy. Delivering a fiery oomph, they really do pack a punch and are sure to liven up your tastebuds and your palette. Perfect as a snack, with lunch or alongside a picnic, these are versatile and truly not to be missed.

Hand-cooked and gluten-free, 150g.


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Potatoes, sunflower oil, seasoning (8%) (oak smoked sugar, sea salt, sugar, garlic powder, rice flour, onion powder, cumin, tomato powder, chilli, Scotch Bonnet chilli, oak smoked salt, yeast extract powder, natural flavourings, acid:citric acid, paprika.