Jerk Jackfruit Patty x2


Jack fruit has a really firm texture and is perfect in this patty.  Cooked in spicy jerk paste with sweet potato and sweetcorn, it makes a great veggie treat.



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Pair our jerk jackfruit patty perfectly with one of our cracking condiments, such as Habanero sauce, and vegetables for the ultimate combo. Delicious as a snack, lunch or dinner, this versatile veggie delicacy is sure to satiate your senses and entice your friends.


Jackfruit has become a favourite in the veggie and vegan community, and it’s no surprise why. Owing to its meaty texture, it makes a great and nutritious meat substitute. It is also known to have several health benefits. Packed full of fibre it helps keep you full for longer. Your body digests and absorbs jackfruit more slowly than some other foods.


Due to its spicy flavour, this delicious turmeric pastry-encased jerk jackfruit patty will blow your socks off, both literally and metaphorically. Packing a real punch, it is a Jamaican classic and is made lovingly using our special jerk paste seasoning, renowned for its sensational and authentic taste. Bringing me right back to my roots, this patty really is a nostalgic and tasty choice. The best of Jamaican jerk jack fruit patties on the market, it is perfect for a snack, lunch or delectable dinner – you will not be disappointed!


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WHEAT Flour, Butter (MILK), Turmeric, Jack Fruit, Jerk Paste, Sweet Potato, Sweetcorn, Coriander