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Ogbono seeds (also known as wild mango or African mango) are mango-like fruits. Once ground, they can be used as a thickener and provide a dark colour to soups.


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Ground ogbono can be used to add thickness to ogbono soup. Hearty ogbono soup is a mixture of meat (chicken, goat, beef), fish (shrimp or crayfish), leafy vegetables and palm oil, which is served with fufu, a West African starchy side made from ground plantains, cassava or yams. At various times, the ogbono seed is also called a “dika nut” or “ogbono nut” because it is shaped like a walnut.


Ogbono is very flavoursome and has several health benefits. Studies have shown that ogbono seeds even have some chemical properties that can be useful for medicinal purposes, such as protection against some diseases, or for treating diseases. The ogbono nut is known for its low cholesterol composition, leading to a lower risk of heart disease in consumers. Ogbono is also a good source of protein and research shows that it can improve your mood due to the presence of tryptophan. It is also low in sugar and helps reduce the risk of diabetes.