Halal Sheep’s Heart


Introducing our succulent Halal Sheep, made from locally-sourced British Sheep and butchered by a skilled Muslim butcher. We take pride in sourcing all of our chicken, lamb, and beef from trusted local British farmers, and guarantee that our products are Halal without a doubt.

At our supplier’s abattoir, we go the extra mile to ensure that our entire process is overseen and approved by the Swindon Masjid, ensuring that our Halal Sheep meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity according to Islamic guidelines.

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Perfectly sized for single portions, the Lamb’s heart offers an intense flavour and can be considerably more tender than other hearts (it’s all that spring frolicking). Traditionally, they are stuffed and roasted. From lamb that has been traditionally reared on natural chalk grassland for full flavour.


Free-range Wiltshire Lamb:
Traditionally reared, Wiltshire Downlands free range Lamb with no hormones or growth promoters.