Green Banana 1kg


Green banana is boiled and served as a high fiber, low-calorie side dish in many Jamaican and Caribbean homes. In most Jamaican homes eating Boiled Green Bananas as a side is common, although it might seem difficult to peel the skin, with practice it becomes much easier over time.
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Green bananas are packed with fibre, pre-biotics, and probiotics, all of which help with digestion. For people with digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, eating foods that aid digestion may be particularly important. In terms of taste, green bananas are a little less sweet than their yellow counterpart. Regarding texture, they have been described as a little waxy whilst composition wise, green bananas are higher in starch. Green bananas contain a high amount of resistant starch and pectin, which have been linked to several health benefits. As bananas ripen, most of the starches are turned into sugar.


Recipe for green banana fries


  • 5 small unripe (green) bananas
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil, as needed
  • Directions

    Instructions Checklist
    • Peel the bananas using a knife, as they are not ripe and will not peel like a yellow banana. Slice into long thin wedges or strings to make fries.

    • Heat the oil in a heavy deep skillet over medium-high heat. If you have a deep-fryer, heat the oil to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Place the banana fries into the hot oil, and fry until golden brown, 5 to 7 minutes. Remove from the oil, and drain on paper towels. Pat off the excess oil, and season with salt. Serve immediately.