Gran Luchito Habanero and Lime Mix


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Hand-blended in Mexico using only the highest quality ingredients.

Our Habanero Fajita & Taco Mix is a hot and zesty blend of habanero chilli, Mexican lime & herbs. Perfect for when you want to add a zesty kick of flavour to chicken, meat, or fish for the oven, grill or barbecue.

With our Habanero Fajita & Taco Mix, you can add a hit of big flavour in an instant.


Pepper, Habanero Chilli (23%), Lime (15.5%), Mexican Oregano, Coriander, Salt, Epazote

Nutrition: Per 100g

  • Energy (kJ) 1160kj
  • Energy (kcal) 274kcal
  • Total Fat 2.5g
  • (of which saturates) 0.7g
  • Carbohydrates 55.7g
  • (of which sugars) 15.5g
  • Protein 7.0g
  • Salt 5.1g