Gran Luchito and Potts Fajita & Taco Mix


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Hand-blended in Mexico using only the highest quality ingredients.

A smoky blend of chipotle chillies, spices & herbs. Our Smoky Chipotle Fajita and Taco Mix is perfect for instantly adding a smoky depth of flavour to your favourite meat and veggies for the grill, oven or barbecue.

Chipotle, pronounced “chuh·powt·lay”, is the dried and smoked form of red jalapeño peppers. Chipotle’s signature flavour is smoky and our chipotle seasoning blend is beautifully balanced with Mexican spices including oregano and coriander.


Chipotle Chilli (65%), Smoked Salt, Lime, Mexican Oregano, Coriander, Garlic, Guajillo, Epazote, Paprika.

Nutrition: Per 100g

  • Energy (kJ) 1539kj
  • Energy (kcal) 366kcal
  • Total Fat 12.7g
  • (of which saturates) 2.2g
  • Carbohydrates 51.9g
  • (of which sugars )8.6g
  • Protein 11.0g
  • Salt 7.4g