Fruit and Vegetable Box – L


An all-round box containing a mix of seasonal vegetables, fruit and salad to inspire your meals for the week.  Each box has an exciting range so that you can experience the best that is available locally.  There’s plenty for a hungry family for several meals.

If on occasion an essential local ingredient is unavailable we may source from further afield.

May be subject to change due to availability or seasonality.

Box Contents

Parsnip 500g
Cabbage 500g
Orange 2x
Carrots 1kg
Onion 500g
Garlic 2x
Broccoli 500g
Sweet Potato 1kg
Small Potatoes 1kg
Big Potato 1kg
Bell Pepper 100g
Apple 3x
Banana 1kg
Lettuce 1x
Cucumber 2x
Kiwi 2x
Spring Onion
Courgette 500g

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