Don Wilfred Rum 500ml


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Don Wilfred Rum has been made to encapsulate all that Caribbean rum has to offer. With hints of orange and tropical fruits it is bound to transport you to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. To immerse yourself in the experience simply add fresh lime and your favourite cola or ginger beer – or if you prefer it straight, simply add ice.

My rum is blended from the pick of Caribbean rum producers.  This golden spirit is 40% ABV and certainly packs a punch.

I love everything Spanish – the food, the life, Flamenco!  Combine this with my Caribbean heritage, home of the finest spirits and I decided to create this rum.

It has real personality and great flavour.  Every sip lifts the spirits and takes you to the place where joy and contentment come together.  It is perfect served on ice or a great base for a Cuba Libra (rum, coke and lime juice).

So what exactly is Rum?  Rum is a liquor made from fermented molasses or sugarcane juice which is then distilled. Depending on your preference, you get a clear liquid, where the rum is filtered and bottled straight away, or a dark liquid which is aged in charred oak or wooden casks before filtering and bottling.

Rum has a long history. Christopher Columbus introduced it to Jamaica in 1494, although it is said that its history goes back a long way further to 7th Century India.  And of course it is still made in the Caribbean today and exported across the world for all to enjoy.


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