Don Wilfred Brandy


Don Wilfred Brandy encapsulates all that I love about Spain – its warmth, colour and aromas.  This solera gran reserve brandy has aged for 10 years in oak sherry casks.  A lovely mahogany colour with golden tones, and its complex aromas bear witness to its long aging in wood. Enjoy its smooth, full-bodied flavour with toasted and vanilla notes traditionally neat or as the basis of a classic cocktail.

This mature and aristocratic brandy is a real treat to the palate. Enjoy it in a very fine snifter at room temperature, slightly warmed by cupping it in the palm of your hand to celebrate special occasions.

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I love everything Spanish – the food, the life, Flamenco and of course brandy!

My love of Spanish brandy is owed to the fact that it has been part of Spain’s culture and heritage for centuries with evidence to suggest distilleries were operating as early as the 13th century. Don Wilfred Brandy has been made so that I can share with you my love of this beautiful country and its delicious drinks.

What is brandy? Brandy is distilled wine that ranges from 30-60% ABV. The colour of brandy comes from its time spent aging in wooden barrels with darker colours often coming from the toasting of those barrels. It is often drank as an after-dinner digestif but has also been an integral part to many a cocktail down the years (a sidecar being my favourite).

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