Dog Lovers Shampoo Set


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I couldn’t forget our lovely furry friends.  So if you want to keep your dog clean and fresh, this is the set for you.

Includes two bars of our special Shampoo and a healthy teeth cleaning treat to keep them occupied while you scrub!

This lovely natural dog shampoo bar is made with eucalyptus and lavender essentials oils. Eucalyptus helps heal bites and scratches whilst lavender leaves coats smelling simply gorgeous. A perfect solution after long, muddy walks through open grass.

Containing no SLS, SLR or palm oil, our shampoo bar for furry friends is so natural, less furry owners can use it too!

Even the special snack has been selected with care: The toothbrush shape gives sharp teeth a good clean and our four-legged friends confirmation that having a good wash can come with rewards.

Always use a free-draining soap dish to allow your natural soap to dry out in between uses.

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This pawsome product collection is sure to clean and indulge your doggos. We believe animals should enjoy a good pampering, like humans, so we created this wonderful set.


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