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Chorizo Sausages (GF) 420g

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Indulge in the bold, smoky flavours of our Chorizo Sausages, made with 80% pork and 10% smoked dry-cured bacon. These gluten-free sausages are expertly seasoned with a blend of caraway, chilli, coriander, garlic, paprika, and pepper, delivering a spicy kick in every bite. Encased in natural skins, they ensure a high meat-to-fat ratio for premium taste and texture. Perfect for grilling or adding to your favourite recipes, these chorizo sausages bring a burst of robust flavour to any meal.

Cooking Instructions – Cook before eating. Consume on day opened. Store below 3°C. UK origin, Slaughtered in GB5464.

Ingredients– Pork 80% smoked dry cured bacon 10% potato starch nitrates salt spices caraway chilli coriander garlic paprika pepper spice extract preservative e221 sodium sulphite.

Allergen Information – Sulphite