Chicken Thigh Fillets Boneless and Skinless 400g


Free Range Chicken Thigh Fillets are trimmed, skinless and boneless. Thigh meat has a higher fat content than breast, so is an excellent choice for dishes that require longer cooking. Free range chicken thigh fillets have great flavour and texture. They are perfect for pies, stews, curries and Middle Eastern dishes. They are easy to pan fry, oven bake or stew and will retain their moisture and remain succulent and juicy.

We work with the best local suppliers and always insist on the finest-quality free-range chicken thigh fillets. Our chickens are free to roam and reared slowly. They are fed on locally grown cereals and have constant access to water and fresh bedding. This not only means for a happier life but also leads to a fuller flavour and superior texture. The birds enjoy fresh air, get plenty of exercise and are able to spread their wings.


We source local meat from farms in Wiltshire, Somerset and the South West, which use traditional, time-honoured methods. The Black Farmer actively endorses and promotes a sustainable and ethical approach to meat eating, which reduces animal stress and lowers food miles as much as possible.


The Black Farmer never cuts corners, so these and all our free-range chicken products are prepared by traditional expert butchers. This makes our free range chicken thigh fillets easy to present beautifully.


The Black Farmer vacuum packs our meat, so it stays fresh for longer. It is also suitable for freezing for those of you who want to be prepared for a last-minute gathering. If you do choose to freeze your free-range chicken, makes sure it is defrosted thoroughly before cooking.


This pack contains approximately 4 pieces of chicken.