Chicken & Ham Pie Medium 540g


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The Black Farmer chicken & ham pie is true British classic. We have combined tasty chunks of chicken and ham to make our rich, deep pie mix. Next, we encase the mixture in shortcrust pastry, direct from our kitchens.


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Our handmade pies serve two for a satisfying meal. They can also be sliced thinly for a lovely addition to a picnic or buffet. Everyone loves a comforting, hearty pie, so we have created a chicken & ham pie that will be sure to get tongues wagging. As part of our deli range, these pies are quickly becoming firm favourites among our customers. Why don’t you try them and see what all the fuss is about?

This chicken & ham pie is the perfect centrepiece to a terrific lunch or delightful dinner. Children and grown-ups love pies so they’re perfect for family meals. Serve with mashed potato, gravy and peas on the side.


The Black Farmer is proud to support quality, British suppliers. We aim to use local, seasonal ingredients wherever possible and are proud to support Great British farmers. This chicken & ham pie encapsulates many of the things we love most. British, quality ingredients in a tried and tested, exciting recipe. We are proud of our pies and are sure you will appreciate the efforts we have gone to.


The Black Farmer chicken & ham pie is made with high-quality Wiltshire ham and chicken. This results in a quality of meat that is hard to find elsewhere, particularly in ready-to-eat form. The practices we promote, use and endorse reduce animal stress and lower food miles.


❄ Freeze on day of delivery and store in the freezer until required ❄

Cooking Instructions: Defrost thoroughly in the fridge before cooking. Follow cooking instructions displayed on pack.


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For guidance only, all appliances vary.


From fridge:  remove outer cardboard box and place on a pre heated oven tray.  Put in heated oven at 180c (160 fan, gas mark 4) for 35 – 40 mins until piping hot in the centre.

If cooking from FROZEN increase cooking time by 15 – 20 minutes.  Check that the product is piping hot throughout before serving.

Diced Chicken, WHEAT FLOUR, Water, BUTTER, Wiltshire Ham, Onion, Garlic, Chicken Stock, Double Cream (MILK) , English MUSTARD, Paprika, Salt , Pepper, Mixed Herbs, EGG