BohoMist Essential Oil Diffuser


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An elegant and individual BohoMist diffuser.  Perfect for any room or as a gift.

  • Up to 4 hours of Continuous Mist, Up to 8 hours of Intermittent Mist at 30-sec intervals
  • Small Room Size
  • Warm white light, or off
  • 70 mL / 2.33 fl oz Water Capacity
  • Includes USB cord
  • USB Wall Adapter not included
  • Automatic Safety Shut Off
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This attractive BohoMist essential oil diffuser is not only elegant, but disperses a fragrant mist into your room and features colourful bliss with the touch of a button.  It has a continuous operation of up to five hours and don’t worry about nodding off – it has an automatic shut off when it runs out of water.  Simply use the essential oil of your choice.  This diffuser comes complete with USB cord.


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