Autumn Chutney with Black Sheep Ale (227G)


There’s nothing cosier or more comforting than The Black Farmer Autumn Chutney with Black Sheep Ale. Beautifully savoury and spicy to boot, it’s spiked with Black Sheep Ale – rich, fruity and made in Yorkshire – and packed with plums, apples, sultanas and spices. A spread with a kick.

Dollop onto crackers with cheese; or stir into casseroles for warmth. A hit of autumn in an instant!

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Plums (63.31%), Malt Vinegar, Apples, Sugar, Sultanas, Black Sheep Ale, Salt, Paprika, Cinnamon, Ground Garlic, Black Pepper, Curry Powder, Ground Ginger, Mixed Spice. BARLEY, CELERY, MUSTARD