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General population

  • If you’re the #GivingType, we need your help.
  • In 1 hour, you could help save up to 3 lives.
  • If you’re the giving type, join the thousands of people giving blood every day.
  • Give blood to combat cancer.
  • Give blood to ease emergencies.
  • Blood donation can help people fighting cancer, combatting sickle cell disorder, managing chronic illnesses, and aiding in the recovery from trauma or surgery.

Black heritage

  • Black donors are urgently needed to help fight sickle cell.
  • Our blood can help fight sickle cell.
  • Give blood to fight sickle cell.
  • Giving blood is quick and easy.
  • We urgently need new donors of Black heritage to help fight sickle cell the fastest growing inherited blood disorder in the UK.
  • People of Black heritage are more likely to have a rare blood subtype needed to help treat patients with sickle cell.
  • You can normally give blood if you have sickle cell trait.  Please mention that you have sickle cell trait before you donate.

Key stats

  • We need 12,000 new Black heritage donors to give blood and help us fight sickle cell in England.
  • Just 3% of blood donors are of Black heritage, we need to increase the number of donors to improve the chances of well-matched blood.
  • People of Black heritage are 10 times more likely than White people to have Ro blood subtype, which is vital to fight sickle cell.
  • 3% of blood donors have Ro subtype (26,000 donors in 2023).
  • 250 blood donations a day are needed to help people affected by sickle cell.
  • 56% of donors of Black heritage have Ro blood subtype.
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Who we need and why.

The need for new people to join our life-saving community is greater than ever, we especially need people of Black heritage to grow a diverse donor base of different blood types vital for fighting sickle cell.
  • In 1 hour, you can save up to 3 lives. Give blood.
  • If you’re the giving type book now at blood.co.uk
  • Sit back. Give blood. Save lives.
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