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Hello, everyone.

As much as I love Christmas, I relish the start of a new year, which provides a welcome opportunity to set new goals, get motivated and change your diet.

While I’ve very much enjoyed eating, drinking and being merry in December, January is a time to take stock, and for me that usually starts with my nutrition


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I always make sure I’ve got plenty of good choices available in my fridge to get things off to a good start. A glass of Orange Juice gives me a shot of vitamin C, while my thick and luscious Natural Live Yoghurt is packed full of the good stuff, and slices of Smoked Salmon(with a vibrant squeeze of lemon) provides essential minerals such as iron. If I’m particularly hungry – perhaps as an indulgence for the weekend – I get a Picnic Breakfast Platter to share with Matcha Tea Granola and French Croissants with Sliced Cheese and Ham. After all, eating well isn’t about depriving yourself, and I find a treat here and there keeps me on-track for longer!


For me, it’s all too easy to fall off the bandwagon when it comes to snacking, so I always have healthier options to-hand: Green Plantain Chips are better for you than crisps; Honey-Drenched Nuts stave off a sweet craving; and Salted Popcorn is one of the healthier snacks you can have! Of course, nothing beats freshly-picked fruit and veggies free from nasties – carrots are always good with houmous and I love sliced banana with a drizzle of natural honey – so one of my Fruit & Veg Boxes is a must for January. Whether I’m working at my desk, or on-the-go, planning and preparing my snacking always helps serve bad choices.


When it comes to lunch, nothing beats a warming soup in the depths of winter, whether Spicy Tomato, Spinach & Lentil Daal or Thai-Style Beetroot & Coconut. Filling and flavoursome, they’re comforting while being carb-free – a happy combination!


Dinner is often the trickiest part of the day when trying to eat better. But health doesn’t have to come at the compromise of taste. From chicken to beef, lamb to pork, the quality meat in our premium butchery offers plenty of protein for clean, lean mealtimes, paired with plenty of veggies. Otherwise, if I’m short on time – who isn’t?! – I’ll pop one of my prepared meals in the oven as they help with portion control: Butter Bean Curry with Coriander – plant-based and gluten-free – is my all-time favourite.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll like a glass of something with your dinner – a crisp white or robust red, perhaps? – but reaching for the bottle mid-week can compromise your plan. My Non-Alcoholic Aperitif –  packed full of orange and rosemary flavours – takes the edge off without the booze on a Friday night.

Let me know how you get on