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M&S Food and The Black Farmer have joined forces to launch an authentic Jerk Paste!

When M&S said they would like to join forces with The Black Farmer to produce an authentic Jerk paste made to my family recipe, you can imagine I was more than excited!

In time to celebrate Black History Month in October, these pots of tasty deliciousness will be available in all M&S stores across the country. With joint branding and the line “A True Taste of my Ancestry” – Jerk Paste made to my family recipe, handed down the generations, is the first product in the range.

“To have one of the most established and respected British brands approach me to work together on a jointly branded Caribbean product range, is beyond extraordinary,” says Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones aka The Black Farmer.

“After years and years of fighting to gain recognition of black contribution to British history and cuisine in the food industry, this move alone represents giant strides towards achieving that goal.”

“I was born and raised in Jamaica, and I was able to trace my original family Jerk recipe through my maternal grandmothers for generations. It is this recipe that forms the basis of this new product.”

The Jerk Paste will be in national distribution and featured in all M&S stores from 28 September.