General FAQ’s

Can I amend my order after I have sent it?

Unfortunately you cannot amend an order once its sent. We will have to cancel & re-order.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes you can change your delivery date however we must have 48 hours notice.

What is the deadline to put in my order?

12pm for delivery in two working days.

When do you take payment for my order?

We take payment straight away via Stripe and Paypal.

Other companies have shorter order deadlines than you offer, why is that?

Our meat is cut to order and DPD collect the next day.

I need to amend my personal details, delivery or billing addresses, how do I do that?

​Log into your online account and here you will find tabs for account details and addresses, from there you will be able to amend any personal details or addresses.

Where can I find my previous orders?

Log into your online account and select orders, here you will find a list of all your previous orders.

How do I update my payment details?

​Log in to your online account and select payment methods, here you can add payment details or update any existing details.

How do I update my delivery instructions for my order?

If you would like to change your delivery instructions just pop us an email at or give us a call on 020 3105 4711.

Can I cancel a delivery that has already been processed?

Unfortunately not, the reason for this is we try to avoid any food wastage. However if you urgently need to cancel an order please get in contact with us directly

How do I close my account?

We will be sorry to see you go! If you need to close your account please call our Customer Service team on 020 3105 4711 or email us at

I would like to refer a friend/family member, how do I do that?

We would love that. By word of mouth is the very best recommendation! If you contact us directly at we can arrange a special introductory offer for you and your friend/family member.

Product FAQ’s

Are your meats organic?

While our meats are not certified organic, we prioritise ethical farming practices that prioritise the well-being of both animals and the environment. Our farmers are committed to upholding high welfare standards and employing sustainable methods throughout the production process. By doing so, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality meats while also supporting responsible agricultural practices.

What makes our meat special and different from others?

Our meat stands out due to its unique sourcing process and dedicated craftsmanship. Sourced locally from trusted farmers in Wiltshire and the South West, we prioritise free-range, naturally-reared animals. Additionally, our special dry-ageing techniques further enhance the flavour and tenderness of our meats, resulting in an unparalleled dining experience for our customers.

What is the dry-aging process for your beef?

Our beef undergoes a meticulous dry-ageing process, meticulously managed in a controlled environment to ensure optimal conditions. Through this process, natural enzymes work to break down muscle fibres, resulting in enhanced tenderness and intensified flavour profiles. This careful ageing method is a testament to our commitment to delivering the highest quality beef to our customers, ensuring a truly exceptional dining experience with every bite.

What is your process for smoking bacon and ham?

We employ a traditional smoking method to perfect our bacon and ham. First, we carefully select premium cuts of meat, ensuring the highest quality. Then, the meat undergoes a meticulous brining process, where it’s infused with a blend of carefully selected spices and seasonings to enhance its flavour. Following this, the meat is skilfully smoked using a combination of hardwoods, such as hickory or applewood, in our custom smokehouses. This slow smoking process allows the rich, smoky flavour to penetrate the meat, resulting in bacon and ham with a depth of flavour that sets it apart. The end result is a product that embodies our commitment to quality and tradition, delivering a truly exceptional taste experience to our customers.

Are your meats ethically sourced?

Absolutely. Ethical sourcing lies at the heart of our values here at The Black Farmer. We are committed to upholding high welfare standards and implementing sustainable practices. By prioritising these principles, we ensure that every cut of meat we offer is not only of the highest quality but also reflects our dedication to ethical and responsible sourcing.