3rd – 9th October

As a severe but undiagnosed dyslexic I am supporting Dyslexia Awareness Week with an on-pack sticker offering the chance to have an on-line preliminary screening.

I thought dyslexia had hampered by life.  Like many with undiagnosed dyslexia we are written off as stupid and worthless and that’s difficult to overcome.  Although it has taken a long time, and many struggles, I now recognise that dyslexia can be a gift, allowing me to see the world differently, think differently, do things that others can’t.

Working with the British Dyslexia Association, I am supporting the national campaign to prompt people to think and consider if they themselves or those close to them could be dyslexic.    

Knowing you are dyslexic can be a catalyst for positive change in a person’s life.  During the whole of October each and every The Black Farmer pack will pose the question:  ‘Am I Dyslexic?’  I hope that this will prompt some people to take the on-line screening.  It could be life transforming.