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Since being diagnosed with life threatening Leukaemia in 2014, I have witnessed at first hand the fantastic work done by many different charities.  I also became acutely aware that there are many, many small charities doing extraordinary work but are unrecognised and often unsupported because they are simply not big enough or known enough to be on the radar of businesses or individuals who are looking to donate.  I want to change that.  To that end I have launched a campaign to create greater awareness for these small charities.  



Hope for Tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow

To launch my campaign ‘Support Small Charities’ I am gifting The Black Farmer Christmas TV commercial to Hope for Tomorrow – a charity dedicated to bringing cancer treatment closer to patients’ homes.

This page is for YOU. We want smaller charities to send us their details and we will showcase who you are and your mission. If you’d like to be featured on this page please download and fill in this Information Form and email it to me now. 

For businesses, we hope this page offers a source of inspiration for you to find a smaller charity to partner with. We know that often businesses opt for the charities they already know but it’s really the ones that you don’t know who actually need your help more than ever.

If you would like to join me on my mission you can click and sign My Pledgewhich I will be using to campaign to big businesses to help make a change. 


I am calling for the way businesses approach charitable giving to change! For too long big businesses have directed their support towards a handful of huge charity partners, meaning thousands of smaller charities get left in the dark, both financially and on an awareness level. As we approach Christmas, I believe it is time for us to shine a light on these wonderful charity underdogs, the tireless heroes who find themselves overshadowed by large organisations, even though their work is simply as important, if not more.  Read more here.

Click on each logo for more information and to donate. 

Hope for Tomorrow is a national cancer charity dedicated to bringing cancer treatment closer to patients’ homes. Our Mobile Chemotherapy Units effectively reduce the long distances of travel and waiting times for treatment that patients often endure, and also help them to avoid the stresses and strains of busy Oncology Centres.

CHICKS is a national children’s charity providing free respite breaks to disadvantaged children from all over the UK.

We believe every child has the right to make positive childhood memories. A CHICKS break inspires new confidence and gives children the chance to have fun, enjoy new experiences and relax. More than anything, it gives them the chance to just be children.

CHICKS began in 1992, and has since provided over 13,000 children with a much needed break.

To find a cure for leukaemia and other blood cancers by translating research into new treatments as quickly as possible, so patients can live better, longer lives.

The BDA is the voice of dyslexic people. We aim to influence government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society, that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential.

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is a charity that is dedicated to delivering air transfers for seriously ill babies and children up to the age of 16 in the UK who require an elective transfer service. The service is provided at no cost to the families of the children involved. The charity was established in 2010 in response to an urgent need for an air transfer service for seriously ill children.

Pawsawyle cat and kitten rescue specialise in taking in pregnant queens, nursing queens, kittens and pride ourselves on hand rearing kittens. They can also tame and rehome feral cats. They have many friendly felines looking for a loving and caring home, and actively seek families with children to adopt our feline friends. 

ACLT is an independent charity based in the UK which strives to increase the number of ethnic minorities on the UK stem cell (bone marrow), blood and organ donor registers. They exist to provide a lifeline to those living with blood cancer or other illnesses where a transplant is required to save a life.

Harby Pre-School aims to give rural children below the statutory school age access to high quality of care and education. They seek to provide a great community service to local parents and children and provide them with important relationships before they move up to the local school. They strive to offer the children a safe and stimulating environment as well as offering generous care and attention. 

Dimbleby Cancer Care was established in memory of Broadcaster Richard Dimbleby and exists to offer care and support to people living with cancer and to their families and carers. The funds raised go towards supporting the Dimbleby Cancer Care and Information and Support Services at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals. The staff work alongside doctors, nurses and other health professionals offering support and information to anyone affected by cancer. 

The mission of KASSSI (Ken and Sadie Student Support Initiative) is to create significant, positive opportunities for all children living in Jamaica by helping parents, residents, teachers and other stakeholders to create a safe learning environment for children and young people.

Creative Future provide training, mentoring and the chance to publish or exhibit to talented people who lack opportunities due to mental health issues, disability, health, identity or other social circumstance. They are a bridge from the margins to the mainstream and aim to inspire aspiration and artistic excellence amongst marginalised artists and writers.

The charity’s primary aim is to support services that directly, or have the potential to, benefit patients of the Royal Surrey County Hospital. This is principally through the provision of medical equipment, improved/enhanced facilities and education, learning and development that are not normally provided by the hospital through NHS mechanisms.

Through promoting equality and diversity, Postcards For Peace aims to help eliminate discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion. They seek to create activities which foster an understanding between people from different backgrounds and create an environment in favour of equality and diversity.  They also aim to raise awareness of issues relating to violence, bullying and human rights.

Stroud Valleys Project (SVP): enriching lives – transforming places. They are a dynamic, community based and volunteer focussed, people organisation using outdoor and team work as a vehicle to bring wide-ranging benefits to our volunteers. With emphasis on environmental work rather than an individual’s situation, SVP has a proven track record of working with ‘hard to reach’ people in Stroud area who suffer multiple levels of deprivation. They aim to engage as many people as possible by working with local partner agencies and health providers as well as our local community.

Happy Days Children’s Charity is the small charity making a big difference, working with communities to give courageous children a vital respite break or experience. They aim to bring happiness and hope, and support the development of children facing adversity, right across the UK. Last year they helped over 23,000 kids, battling physical and emotional conditions, with trips to the seaside, zoos, museums, sporting events and other educational and cultural projects.

RECLAIM delivers a two-year leadership programme with single-gender groups of 12 to 13 year olds from a single location, working with young people on four strands of LEAD: Leadership, Enterprise, Activism, and Community Development. 

RECLAIM exists to challenge the homogeneity that exists in the leadership profiles across UK society. In politics, economics, media, culture and sport, a recognisable working-class presence is rapidly disappearing. 

ACNEW’s mission is to support older people and their carers in having the best possible quality of life. They operate as a non profit organisation for the benefit of people who are 50+ living in Wrexham and Flintshire. Age Connects North East Wales wants older people to have real choices over their own lives so they can feel safe and secure in their home and community by making well informed choices about how they live their lives.

Rejoice’s Goal is to provide the much needed medical and social support system to the poor, sick and under-privileged living in Chiang Mai’s villages and the surrounding hill areas. In particular, working together with HIV health care workers from rural hospitals, Rejoice addresses the diverse array of medical and social needs of HIV/AIDS affected people.

Rejoice’s programmes cater to a variety of needs, there are HIV/AIDS medical care, HIV/AIDS education and prevention programmes, free infant formulas, education sponsorships and one to one counselling.

Age Concern Sandwich promote the well being of all older people, to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience and to enhance the social aspects of life. Their underlying principles are:

Ageism is unacceptable: against all forms of unfair discrimination, and challenge unfair treatment on grounds of age.

All people have the right to make decisions about their lives:  they help older people to discover and exercise these rights.

People less able to help themselves should be offered support: they seek to support older people to live their lives with dignity and peace of mind.

Diversity is valued in all that we do: they recognize the diversity of older people and their different needs, choices, cultures and values.

Special Yoga Foundation exist in order to serve as many special children as possible through the medium of Yoga. They consider all children special and know that no label can define or limit a child’s potential for positive change.

All children can benefit from the therapeutic service they provide – a conviction born from working with thousands of special children throughout the years and witnessing the profound and far reaching effects that therapeutic Yoga has on the lives of every child it reaches.